GhostTalk, Group Ghost Chat & Ghost SLS
Privacy Policy

This app uses Google's Analytics tools to allow us to understand how we can improve our apps. In some cases we also use Google's Authentication system to log you into our group chat. Messages posted through the group chat are presented as written by the author and will include the author's name and Google profile image. For versions not using Google Authentication the chat feature will show an icon and a user provided name along with the message.

If you would like to have your messages removed from the group chat please let us know using the support form on this site. Include your name, your email address and the name associated with your Google account.

For chat versions not using Google Authentication, messages are deleted automatically and/or not stored on any systems.

If you purchase anything from the GhostStop or any other advertiser the information you provide to them is subject to their privacy policy.

If you do not want personal information shared, do not enter any personal information into the app. There is no feature of our apps that requires personally identifiable information, if you are asked for this information within our apps please notify us immediately.

The intended purpose of the group chat feature is to connect you with others who share a passion for the paranormal. If you do not wish to have your information known, please avoid this section of the apps.

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