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For our Ghost Hunter friends these tools will allow you to use your Apple device to listen for EVPs, and scan for human forms. The curated library of around 2300 words will help you to see what you can't hear.

The estimated accuracy of EVP data is indicated by the clarity value that is returned. Hold the Microphone button to pause EVP detection, this will help you to avoid catching your own conversations, resume detection by lifting your finger. And don't forget to scroll, your entire session may continue beyond the screen, so scroll down to see the latest results.

The microphone in Apple's devices is very good and you may find that excess environmental noise has an effect on the accuracy of the text returned. What you see on the screen is the best guess for what was said.

For the SLS simulator, human forms will appear in your camera view. Use the camera filters to determine if the form detector may be picking up light anomolies.

If things get a little spooky we recommend turning on some lights and taking a break from the app for a while. :)

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